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City Hunter

An expanded version of C.F.'s zine. It's a mix of drawings, comics, photos and prose. Or, as Frank Santoro said in naming it one of 2010's best: "Lots of backgrounds with “Main Dice” the main character swinging down the street. Lots of “straight talk” from the editor of the Fantasy Empire Magazine company. It’s like CF made his own b&w action comic and worried more about how the indicia and logo would look than the story –  so it’s kind of perfect."

  • 28 pages, color and b&w
  • 5” x 8.5”
  • Edition of 1000


PBox World

by Dan Nadel

The PictureBox Subscription Plan

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PBox World

by Dan Nadel

Minute Break!

Finally updated


PBox World

by Molly Roth

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PBox World

by Dan Nadel

In Pictures

2011 in an iPhone