The store is closed forever.
See you around.

PictureBox Is...

No longer releasing new books as of 2014. The backlist remains active on this web site and via bookstores and online booksellers. The information below remains more or less correct.

Why is PictureBox? Because I love the things I love and I want to champion them. I tend toward outliers and I'm obsessed with the history of visual culture writ large and small. But look, ostensibly PictureBox is a publishing company. I publish around 10 books a year (graphic novels, prose, design, art, etc.) as well as assorted specialty items like DVDS, CDs, and prints. Each project comes from my own tastes and relationships, and are rooted in what I believe in. Since it's just me running this thing, you're pretty much seeing me through those books and this site. Primary PBox authors include: Brian Chippendale, C.F., Ben Jones, Yuichi Yokoyama and Gary Panter, among others.

Oh, this web site! Well, it's meant as a hub for the extended PBox family and concept. There are tons of books, artworks, zines and such that I am distributing and selling here, simply because (a) I love them and (b) there's nowhere else to get them. Plus, I love the multi-generational vibe in having, say, Bob Zoell and C.F. in the same place. As for the blogs... well, as I mentioned, I am a history nut with a special kinship for the overlooked and underexposed, so I will be using this site to highlight various pathways and blind alleys in 20th and 21st century visual culture, from the demented to the corporate to the deeply funky. I hope you'll keep returning as this thing spins its own web of relations and contexts and histories.

Requisite FAQ:

1) Are you taking submissions? No, I am not taking any submissions.

2) I'm a store. How do I stock your goods? If you're looks for only square bound books, those are all distributed by D.A.P./Distirbuted Art Publishers. If you're looking to buy zines, comics, and limited edition items, just go over to our Wholesale section and it'll direct you from there.

3) I am a foreign publisher and I want to publish your books? Great, please contact PictureBox's foreign rights agent, .

4) I want to intern for PictureBox! But how? your resume and a cover letter. Photoshop skills, tolerance for eccentric personalities and benign disfunction are musts.

5) Do you check your Facebook email? No, I never do. Please me directly if you need me.

6) Is it really just one dude running this thing? Well, more or less, but I have a warehouse that ships the books, pal geniuses who handle the web site, a man named Hathaway to come up with, advise on, and execute aesthetic philosophies, production teams that images, and so on. There's also a dog named Mr. Fatty Pants who keeps me company.

7) Do you accept returns? No, we do no accept returns. Once you have ordered your item, it is not returnable or refundable. We are a small company and we assume you're an adult, responsible, human.

And lest I forget, a few official things for those of you keeping score:

PictureBox began in 2000. I published over 100 titles. Of the non-graphic novels I've published (can't take much credit for those comics!) I'm perhaps most proud of the two-volume book Gary Panter, which I compiled, edited and published, and Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art, by pal Norman Hathaway. I once won a Grammy for designing the packaging of Wilco's A Ghost is Born (I also published their book) and have written two books about comics history: Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries 1900-1969, and Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980, both published by Harry N. Abrams, and edited a couple other comics history titles for Fantagraphics. Let's see... me, me, me... I've curated exhibitions in NYC, Paris, L.A., Tokyo and Chicago; most recently The House The Jack Built, at Fumetto, Lucerne, Switzerland and Karl Wirsum: Drawings 1967–1970 at Derek Eller Gallery, New York. And finally, I co-edited Comics Comics, a printed and web magazine the focus of which you can probably guess. That about does it. Thanks!

–Dan Nadel