Forrest Bess

March 18th, 2012 by Family Sohn

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  1. A. PELICAN says:

    Ha Ha ha!!!

  2. ant says:

    Yup, that’s what it takes to become a “real artist”!

  3. Andrew Masullo says:

    It’s sad to see what gives the Sohn’s pleasure — ridiculing a very unique painter, with a singular vision, long dead now. Forrest has influenced many a current painter (myself included) and has a devoted following. The genius of his paintings has obviously gone over the Sohn’s heads and they actually had nothing better to do with their time than come up with a “clever” comic for no purpose other than mock and denigrate (by the way, Forrest has had much worse thrown at him — the Sohns should have put their thinking caps on and, in the spirit of Forrest’s paintings, actually come up with something original).

    So three-cheers for the Shons! And how wonderful it will be for all the dopes who will write their comments here, throwing their own choice stones in order to inflate their own egos, if only momentarily.

    • Family Sohn says:

      Yikes! We’re sorry for rubbing you the wrong way.

      But It was actually meant to be more of a commentary on the Whitney’s curation of the biennale, than Forrest Bess.

      We felt that by highlighting the seedier aspects of his life, the Whitney was pandering to the lowest common denominator.

      So the final punchline is a layered jab at the Whitney and their lame biennale.

      And in our defense, we meticulously recreated his works, with all the right colors in place!

  4. Andrew Masullo says:

    You’d have to have seen the Whitney show to get through all the layers (I saw the show, the gray painting you depict is one that I own, and I still didn’t get through all the layers). Your last panel, with the funny jabs at the Whitney, doesn’t mention the Whitney at all. It comes off as a direct blow right between Forrest’s visionary eyes. But he can take it. And his paintings can take it as well.

    This will be the last time I visit your website so your future defenses should be directed to all those “less-layered” people who will delight in making fun of the art world and of beautiful, delicate creatures like Forrest, who wear their souls on their sleeves and make magical, beautiful and delicate paintings.

  5. Ray says:

    Andrew is a humourless, uptight fuckin prick.

  6. not a doktor says:

    Just say no to art history degrees

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