March 14th, 2011 by Brynocki C

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  1. Brynocki C says:

    alright, we’ll get this Donny story to it’s conclusion….

  2. Endlessmug says:

    Deus ex machina followed by EXPLOSION. You’re pretty tough on your characters Chipp!

  3. tot says:

    characters are pretty tough on you

  4. tot says:

    oh and wonderful patterns!

  5. Creeztophair says:

    totally dig the samurai savior

  6. Brynocki C says:

    you guys are all diggin out your copies of Ninja to revisit the first appearances of Donny and little Sonny and Thin Mint and the desert spiral samurai “Silent Ichi” right? right?

  7. Endlessmug says:

    Found it. Ninja #43.

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The Ninja-verse expands and contracts in this weekly webcomic by Brian Chippendale, whose fine books and prints are available all over this very web site. If you read the episodes in order, say, starting with 1 and working your way up, what little sense there is will be activated.

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