February 6th, 2011 by Brynocki C

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  1. Endlessmug says:

    whoa… worlds collide again.

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    Is thing going to end up being like “Blackest Night” or “Brightest Day”? Big difference, you know.

  3. Brynocki C says:

    have no fear, all will (not) be explained…

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    Well, I guess we can try to get rights to Green Lantern for just one episode. Does anyone know Ryan Reynolds? I hope so.

  5. Brynocki C says:

    I’ll ask Scarlett Johansson when she comes over later

  6. mother says:

    his confirms my suspicion that last week featured a jim bored cameo

  7. Endlessmug says:

    Found the Darger-bit! Horned girl. PF should have more hidden references each week!

    • Brynocki C says:

      Well Sir Pelican, you either know i am a huge fan of that Larry Hama silent GIJOE issue or you seem to be lending a helping hand in directing me toward some comic writing classes. Have no fear, my comics make sense, everyone is just holding their laptops upside down!

  8. i.m.a.pelican says:

    “There will be a frame-by-frame deconstruction and analysis of “Silent Interlude,”


    well I don’t know if its worth 40$ but I saw it and thought of you. I am loving this comic BTW.

  9. Brynocki C says:

    Why oh why was that the only issue of GIJOE that Hama actually illustrated himself. Aside from few Daredevils(in Japan) i don’t know what else he drew. Perhaps after he does a frame by frame analysis of issue 21 the new ongoing GIJOe he is writing will suddenly become awesome as he learns from himself. Like Rick Rubin handing Neil Diamond his old records and saying “this is what your new record should sound like”

    Thanks for reading Puke Force I.M.A.P., cousin of O.M.A.C.

  10. Endlessmug says:

    The buildup to PukeForce 40 has been beyond all recognition! What’s next PF 39.9999???

    • Brynocki C says:

      Should just be 39.8 and 39.9 and then it’s 40. It’s really a build down. I had episode 40 pencilled out a while ago but I had to bridge the gap, and every 8(8-16-24-32-40) are all full page spreads, so i must twist reality to fit my one episodic rule. Though 39.8 is a full page so that could be 40 but it’s not. Puke Force is an asshole that makes illogical demands.

  11. Brynocki C says:

    oh wait, i forgot 39.77 is up next.

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