November 14th, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. cuntilingus says:

    you just crapped on the previous emotions his last conversation invoked.

  2. Dave W. says:

    That heaven’s gots to be full o’folks who’ve exploded since aliens humped bonobos. I’ll take the lark to paranoid park! I like reading the ‘youth’ here as, yao-thhh. Puke forth Brynocki!

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  4. Matt Tomlinson says:

    Too real man

  5. Ray Sohn says:

    Much Too Real

Puke Force

The Ninja-verse expands and contracts in this weekly webcomic by Brian Chippendale, whose fine books and prints are available all over this very web site. If you read the episodes in order, say, starting with 1 and working your way up, what little sense there is will be activated.

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