October 24th, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. trilbilly says:

    the plot thickens… (plot?)

    • Brynocki C says:

      oh boy, the plot. I have this comic plotted to the most minute detail up to episode 562. There are no happy accidents in Puke Force. Absolute Control is the name of the game.

  2. cf says:

    episode 563… fear it

  3. cf says:

    epiosde 563 …fear it

  4. cf says:

    fear it twice

  5. skot skof says:

    never mess with the almighty interwebz!

  6. Dear Mr. C,

    I read it like a drain pipe and liked it. But what would happen if I read this one like a snake. Would the plot reveal itself to be the opposite of what I thought it were?

    What if it were the opposite of what you thought it was?

    Was it?

    Were it?

    I’d been laid off from my job when I saw the Internet. It reached for me. I recoiled. Then I realized something. Maybe I were what the Internet needed. Maybe I had been what it were waiting for. Maybe.

    Thank you for your Puke Force. Thank you for helping me understand better myself.


  7. rege says:

    “wolf fuck”

  8. avatar says:

    i’m in that black space …

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The Ninja-verse expands and contracts in this weekly webcomic by Brian Chippendale, whose fine books and prints are available all over this very web site. If you read the episodes in order, say, starting with 1 and working your way up, what little sense there is will be activated.

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