October 20th, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. Dan Nadel says:

    This one makes me sad.

  2. Cynical Fungus says:

    you are a moron you are stupid you are wrong

  3. TH says:

    True story.

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    I’m not sure why sensitivity is downplayed. Brynocki C must surely be a sensitive soul, hooked on video games and comic book and vegan muffins.

  5. Brynocki C says:

    This is a true story. almost. And I cry as i draw each and every puke force episode. Tears of overfished tuna and tortured chickens….

  6. mickey says:

    haha friend eater
    mickey zacchilli likes this

  7. sexy negation dog says:

    refinement continues….taken to new level

    meta-aspect of puke revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i await your line of temporary tattoos

    nothing can fuck with it

    glad this exists

  8. avatar says:

    yo everybody check my movie out

    should be in theaters soon


  9. slunk says:

    laughing so hard at this one. “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO WEAR A TRENCH COAT”

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