October 3rd, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. Dan Nadel says:

    This one choked me up.

  2. blake says:

    I KNOW!! Im still feeling the burn from my almost-vomit when he talked about his skin overcoat. Who is this guy, Selfless-of-the-lambs?

    Also, baby ejection. lmao

  3. i.m.a.pelican says:

    Nice swooping camera. I think P.T. Anderson’s gonna buy the rights to this one.

  4. Brynocki C says:

    I designed a steady-cam pen and raised money to build it. Thanks for reading everybody!

  5. Chris says:

    the floor of that coffee place is filthy. it deserved to be blown up, if you ask me.

  6. skot skof says:

    mittwoch! kein comic! :(

  7. Keith Herzik says:

    I feel you Dan; I had to choke it after reading this!
    you suck, Chippendale! ha! just kiddin… holy shit, these are great! love it!
    whoa! great to see you tonight at the thing
    under the thing …. now I got some readin to do, hell yeah, these comics are rad!

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