September 16th, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. skot skof says:

    you are 3 sundays in the future now

  2. skot skof says:

    a typical sunday consists of a scoop of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup, and in some cases other toppings including chopped nuts, whipped cream, or maraschino cherries. while wednesday is the third day of the week, i am getting confused too but i think its time for a new puke force post

  3. cuntilingus says:

    so..good.. all this ice cream talk is rather fitting

  4. sexy egg nog says:

    puke force makes me vomit in a awesome way, but i vomit my puke back into my vomits, then i eat it back up on wednesday, then i puke it back out so it’s all cool so anyway where’s the new fucking comic

    i want you to post your whole new stash so we can be really up to date with your scrawls but i understand if you’re busy digesting okey see you l8r

  5. sexy egg blooger says:

    my cycles are all fucked up

    help me puke mastr

    just kidding

    ……i can wait

  6. Brynocki C says:

    my my , some someones wakes ups with a grubby mouth . .

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