September 9th, 2010 by Brynocki C

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  1. mickey says:

    LIAR!!!! its friday!!!!!!!!!

  2. mickey says:

    i mean it was thursday!

  3. Brynocki C says:

    This page is changing colors and I have no control .Pitcurebox is controlling my border colors. Emmy award winning art director’s contro/ling purple border color. I need to secure my borders! It’s not Sunday? I woke up and went to church all goddamn day and you are telling me it’s not sunday? It not midnight, why am I covered in blood, it’s fucking midnight, It’s MINdNITE!!!

  4. skot skof says:

    what waht awht! puke force breakfasttime

  5. SEXY DOG says:

    i hope there will be more edible technology in future episodes of this cereal

  6. SEXY BLOG says:

    will pbox be selling food based on this comic

    you guys sell DVDs why don’t you cell some chow

    basically, i mean, this comic is making me FUCKING HUNNNNGRY.

    don’t you dudes take a break and make gluten free cookies or something

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The Ninja-verse expands and contracts in this weekly webcomic by Brian Chippendale, whose fine books and prints are available all over this very web site. If you read the episodes in order, say, starting with 1 and working your way up, what little sense there is will be activated.

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