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April 1st, 2013 by Dan Nadel

Everything published by PictureBox in the year 2013! Click here to purchase.

This year will most likely include the following titles:


-Ben Jones: Men’s Group (art/comics/design by Los Angeles master)
-Blutch: So Long, Silver Screen (graphic novel translated from the French)
-The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame (gay erotic comics, translated from the Japanese)
-C.F.: MERE (Joseph Beuys + Roy Crane = best comics)
-Sun Ra + Aye Aton: Space, Interiors and Exteriors, 1972 (photography from transformative year)
-Shigeru Sugiura: Last of the Mohicans (classic 1974 graphic novel translated from the Japanese)
-Brandon Graham: Walrus (cartoon drawings school you))
-Jesse Pearson, ed.: Nudity Today (nude photography from 11 young artists)
-Chris Martin: Drawings (35 years of shamanistic drawings)
-Julia Chiang: Coming Together, Coming Apart (emotive paintings and sculpture)
-Joe Bradley: Drawings (Most anticipated, long awaited book of 100 works)


-Diplo + Shane McCauley: Blow Your Head 2: NYC (photography on the floor)
-Anya Davidson: School Spirits (debut graphic novel of contempo life)
-Richard Kern: Contact High (naked women smoking weed)
-Seiichi Hayashi: Gold Pollen and Other Stories (Gorgeous and searing late-1960s comics translated from the Japanese)
-Frank Santoro: Pompeii (an intimate love story set against art)
-Yuichi Yokoyama: World Map Room (graphic novel translated from the Japanese)
-Eddie Martinez: Paintings (bravado painting survey)
-Matthew Thurber: INFOMANIACS (graphic novel satire of digital life)
-Osamu Tezuka: The Mysterious Underground Men (Classic 1947 graphic novel translated from the Japanese)
-Wes Lang (the American iconographer’s first monograph)

And probably a few more, but you never can tell. Whatever we publish in 2013 you shall receive. Plus, any advance order premiums (bookplates, signed copies) will be included as well.

ALL THIS FOR $300 (plus a one-time shipping fee). THAT’S A 45% SAVINGS OFF THE COVER PRICES.

When I think of this year of publishing I think of the following words: sex; contemplation; beauty; bite; weed, hilarity; terror; intimidation; inspiration; canon; history; cartography; stupefied; bonafide.


1) If you subscribe at any time in 2013 you will receive ALL of the above books.

2) If you change your address, please send an email to:

3) You might see other items pop up on the web site that PictureBox distributes but does not publish. Those will not be included in the subscription.

4) If you wish to order additional items throughout the year please note that we cannot combine the shipping with subscription items.

5) Things happen in life. Sometimes people are flakey. Sometimes they are especially well-organized. Sometimes the dog hides under the couch. What I’m trying to say is that some of these titles and schedules may change. But I guarantee that your $300 will get you at least 20 satisfying printed experiences at a discount of 45% or more.

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