Dinner for Ben Jones

February 5th, 2013 by Dan Nadel

Dinner for Ben Jones to celebrate his new book, Men’s Group, and his exhibition, The Video (at MoCA until Feb. 24).

Men's Group: The Video

Jeffrey Deitch (MOCA), Ben Jones, Dan Nadel (PictureBox) and Bettina Korek (ForYourArt)

Eric Wareheim, Liz Lee, Amantha Walden, Nick Weidenfeld and Dan Nadel

Christina Gregory, Ben Jones, Eric Wareheim, Liz Lee, Amantha Walden, Nick Weidenfeld

Alex Israel, Liz Goldwyn, Liz Carey and Nicole Simone

Ivan Granados (Biblioteca Alumnos47) and Bettina Korek

Hala Matar, Christina Gregory and Tahli Harkham

Kevin Salatino (Huntington Museum), Dagny Corcoran (Art Catalogues), Jeffrey Soros

Hala Matar, Nicole Simone, Liz Carey

Bettina Korek, Alex Israel, Liz Goldwyn

Martin Lilja, Amy Giunta (Loyal Gallery) and Dan Nadel

Jeffrey Deitch and Liz Goldwyn

Tahli and Sammy Harkham (Family Books)

All photography by Stefanie Keenan.

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