DNA Failure: Jon Chandler

January 17th, 2013 by Dan Nadel

In order to better introduce all of you the DNA Failure: British Weapon Comics, which I feel is important for its structural innovations and for the sheer visceral fun of reading classically told high-level wit comics, I sent a little questionnaire to three of the book’s perpetrators. They each answered and, at my request, sent along some accompanying images. First up is Jon Chandler.

Each of you please describe (individually) the process of making this book.

Leon is the boss of the publishing arm of the arts collective Famicon, which is called Famicon Express.

After Leon had nailed together 20 pages for this book, in a very specific medieval world, his brother Stefan and I instantly recognised where that world was, hovering somewhere between Gormenghast and the paintings of Bruegel.  Stefan used new off-screen characters, and I used Leon’s ruffians Sting and Peter, and we laid out our own set-ups for the hapless bunch.

DNA Failure is a document of the people at the edges of fantasy epic, the numbers who make up a mercenary bunch, or the drunken louts in a roudy ale-house, and follows them to their fates.

The scenes I added in with the two bald monks* from the future were scratched out in pen and ink – the ancient technology chosen to match their monastic lives. The main cave sequence was etched out in the crappiest, most accessible, and cheapest of modern day inkmark-makers, the biro, which was used to fit the destitute lifestyles of the the two on-screen friends Sting and Peter.

*these two also appeared in the most recent Decadence Comics sc-fi anthology, Decadence #9

Each of you list your favorite artists in any medium (maximum 10)

Mervyn Peake, George Grosz, Diego Velázquez, John Fante, David Cronenberg, Roy Scheider, Jerry Moriarty, Miwa Yanagi, Russ Nicholson, Junior Kimbrough,

Each of you list your age and where you now live.

Born Jonathan Chandler with no middle name to a youth worker and a skilled labourer on the Suffolk coast in 1977 where also currently residing.

jonathanchandler.tumblr.com (links to other web presence found on that page)


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  1. jon c says:

    Choosing ten artists is tough because it can change so often, and really there’s about a hundred i don’t put in gradation against each other, so I tried to pick exemplars of a bunch of different disciplines, but on another day it could just as easily have been John Boorman or Oliver Reed or Gary Panter on the list for example.

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