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December 3rd, 2012 by Molly Roth

Well it certainly was an eventful November. Did the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and opened a show at Tomato House featuring Michael McMillan.

Here’s the man himself.

Here he is with Bill Griffith, who told me to get in touch with him in the first place.

The world’s greatest cartoonists came out to pay tribute to Michael. Here’s Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware and Gary Panter. Three guys you don’t expect to see on a Friday night in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Michael and the great Jay Lynch.

Diane Noomin, Gary Panter, Bill Griffith, Art Spiegelman.

Michael and CF.

Host Matthew Thurber with Dash Shaw.

And then it was onto the Fest.

Kim Deitch came by.

Tomomi and Ray signed their new book, Infinidick.

Jonny Negron and CF signed and looked alert.

CF did a beer design!

Pals Richard Gehr and Matt Groening hung out.

Anya Davidson on the scene.

It was a crowd all right.

No day is complete without seeing Norman Hathaway.

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