The Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival, me & you!

November 6th, 2012 by Dan Nadel

Come on down to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Williamsburg this Saturday, November 10, 12-7 pm. I co-organize this every year and this one’s our best yet. PictureBox will be downstairs at tables 1 and 2, right when you come in.

PictureBox is debuting THREE new publications with author signings.

1)The ZZZZZ Series and Other Stories by Michael McMillan. An oversize 24-page publication in conjunction with McMillan’s exhibition, which I also curated, at Tomato House, Brooklyn (opening Friday night!). This is McMillan’s first solo publication in 40 years, lovingly printed in a full color edition of 1000.

2) Infinidick by Family Sohn. Thousands of years of human history has led us to this point: A collection, with new material, of the beloved husband-and-wife comic strip, long serialized on PBox, that sheds light on important issues from genital utility to feelings of unusual love. 48 pages, signed and numbered two-color risograph edition of 300.

3) DNA Failure: British Weapon Comics by Jon Chandler, Leon Sadler and Stefan Sadler. Three cartoonists telling interlocking stories about a single medieval fantasy realm somewhere between Monty Python, Judge Dredd and Tolkien. Remember when you fell in love for the first time? It’s like that, but with more jokes, bad teeth and fish & chips. 96 page, softcover edition of 1000.

We will have excellent things from the usual crew, as well as fresh imports, including, but not limited to: Captain Goodvibes: An enormous and enormously awesome collection of 1970s Australian surf/hippy comic strip. Must be seen to be believed. Bob Peak: The definitive monograph on the iconic all-consuming pimp of illustration. AND: CF’s beer design, pristine Gothic Blimp Works from 1969, and some fiiiiine zines.

Signing Schedule: 

12:30 – 2: Michael McMillan and Matthew Thurber

2-3:30:  Family Sohn

3:30-5:00 CF and Jonny Negron

See you there.

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