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September 13th, 2012 by Dan Nadel

Come see us this weekend at  SPX in Bethesda Maryland. PictureBox will be at tables B1-B2. 

We are debuting Sammy Harkham’s Everything Together: Collected Stories, Jonny Negron’s Negron, Frank Santoro’s Pompeii, and Renee French’s Bjornstrand.

All artists will be in attendance and signing or speaking as follows:


11 am – 12 pm: Renee French and Frank Santoro

12- 2 pm: Sammy Harham and Jonny Negron

12:30: Frank interviews Jaime

2 – 3 pm: Frank Santoro

4- 5 pm: Sammy Harkham and Renee French

5 pm: Renee French on children’s book panel

5 – 6 pm: Jonny Negron and Frank Santoro

6 pm: Dan interviews Sammy


12 pm – 2 pm: Sammy Harkham

1 pm -2 pm:  Renee French

2 pm – 4:00 pm: Frank Santoro and Jonny Negron

3:30: Renee French on drawing panel

See you there!

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