Sammy and Jonny on Tour

September 4th, 2012 by Dan Nadel

Sammy, is that you?

Jonny, can you hear me?

Well look what we have here… a couple guys goin’ out into the world to hock their wares. They need your approval, world! Be nice.

Sammy Harkham (Everything Together)

Jonny Negron (Negron)


Sept. 13: Desert Island, Brooklyn

Sept. 14-15: SPX, Bethesda, MD

Oct. 5: Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles*

Oct. 11: Skylight Books, Los Angeles **

Oct. 12: Mission Comics and Art, San Francisco*

Oct. 19: Floating World, Portland, OR

Oct. 24: DOMY, Austin

*Jonny Negron only

**Sammy Harkham only

And (maybe) more!


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