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July 3rd, 2012 by Dan Nadel

Clearly blogging is not my forte. But, y’know you could catch me over at TCJ.com, where I do what I must, or on (ulp) Twitter or even on Tumblr, which I actually enjoy, owing to its silence. Or on some other platform I can’t even remember. Who knows!

Well, ahem, anyhow, maybe you’d like an update on some things… Maybe not. Either way, here it comes:

ITEM: Both Puke Force and Powr Mastrs 4 have been delayed until Spring 2013. Must be something in the water in Providence. But worry not. We are going to release an entirely different CF book in November called Warm Genetics House. It’s 88 oversized pages of comics and will blow your pants off. More details to come. Later. Brian Chippendale, meanwhile, is embarking on a lengthy Lightning Bolt tour in August, releasing an EP, continues to turn in weekly Puke Force episodes, and also turned out a rollickingly good interview with The Believer as well as a very handsome pair of covers for Brooklyn’s own Smoke Signal.

ITEM: Lauren Weinstein has a truly epic pictorial journey into the world of sushi eating in the latest issue of the food magazine Lucky Peach. Worth it for Lauren’s work alone!

ITEM: Did you know that Matthew Thurber, along with Rebecca Bird, runs a brand new art gallery called Tomato House? Now you do! It’s a great place full of good feelings. Thurber, of course, continues to turn out Infomaniacs episode like an animal. The big fat book version will be out in September 2013. Set your iCal alerts!

ITEM: James Jarvis celebrated 10 years of Amos Toys with an exhibition in Tokyo and the launch of his finest object yet, the Amos Generic Character Figure.

If you’ve read this far, here’s a bonus: The maybe, possibly, not certain Warm Genetics House cover. See you next tiiiimmmmeee.


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  1. Sammy says:

    That cover is really really sick.

  2. L Sadler says:

    Ah fuck He cracks the window of every possible book cover!
    This guy is such a pain in the arse!!

    Of course she’s cracking the window!!
    How can anyone follow this book cover now????

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