PBox Week in Review

May 25th, 2012 by Molly Roth

The main focus for today’s post is all the cool new stuff we’ve got up for sale on the site. There is A LOT OF IT! And it’s exciting!

First off, check out John Pham’s gorgeous lil risograph zine. It’s called Scuzzi – a tribute to new technology circa the 1970′s and 80′s. Let me know if you want to see more before you buy, I’d be happy to scan another page or two to convince you it’s worth it.

Next up, I’m very excited about Casual Casual 19/20. It’s an original printing from 1987 featuring MANY of our favorite artists: King Terry, Charles Burns, Gary Panter, Chester Brown, and Bill Griffith, to name but a few.

Next Up: Decadence 9, an adventure anthology featuring work by Leon Sadler, Jon Chandler, and others!

We’ve got CF’s zine, Marionette Survival. And apparently he’s also just come out with ANOTHER lil 4-pager – we don’t have that one for you to buy, but check out his twit-pic of it…Looks so good!

Don’t forget about Sock 2, the sex anthology for our fellow sickos and perverts out there.

Yeesh, I’m getting kind of exhausted from all the excitement. There are even more new products, yet, so just do yourself a favor and check them all out right here.

Also, before I go…Please keep an eye out for Yield to Temptation by Todd James. It’ll be available for purchase SOON on the site!

Enjoy your weekend, friends. XoXo Gossip Girl

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  1. Doug Fahrman says:

    A while back you included a copy of the Neon Knome DVD for free with my order. Just a few months ago a friend was over and I decided to break it out. After being blown away by everything about it, I realized I had peppermint tea. We each had a cuppa. A perfect moment. Thanks!

  2. Pat says:

    awwwww, scuzzi’s sold out already?

    any more ever gonna get printed?

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