PBox Week in Review

May 11th, 2012 by Molly Roth

It’s been a very blinged-out week for PictureBox. We had a Blingee contest, which I think may need to become a monthly or every-other-monthly thing. Really fun stuff. Congratulations to Graham Sigurdson for submitting the winning blingee (below). The prize? The King Terry DVD, 100 Channels. Lucky man!


Here are a few honorable mentions:


Kramers 8 by @JerrySherbert


Cold Heat Blingee from Kevin Singles


Facebook user Ar Es made this badass CF blingee.

All the glitz and glamor of blingee competitions aside, this was an exciting week for PictureBox.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Jonas Wood’s solo show at the David Kordansky Gallery. The LA Times, New American Paintings Blog, and BLDGWLF Blog have all posted about his work. And now, you can get a piece of the action since Interiors is available for purchase on the PictureBox website.

Matthew Thurber posted a new webisode of INFOMANIACS, and also has a new comic up over at VICE.

Better late than never – we found this double PictureBox review of Kramers 8 and CFs Sediment.

Jonathan Chandler has a new book for sale on the Famicon website. He also posted to the Famicon blog on PictureBox. Check it out! Check them both out!

Brian Chippendale added another episode of PUKE FORCE.

New update on the Containerlist blog, too!

Hopefully you’ve made it through this entry without suffering a seizure. Here’s one last blingee to welcome you to the weekend.


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