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May 7th, 2012 by Molly Roth

It was an exciting weekend, full of firsts for this PictureBox gal (first NJ Transit/Newark Airport experience; first time FLYING into Canada; first TCAF…). I didn’t take too many pictures, but I think I took enough to support a weak, but passable, narrative. This way, please.

This is the beautiful view from the train to Newark International Airport. The scenery only bolstered my excitement for the impending book sale.

On my cab ride from the Toronto Airport (which is on an ~*ISLAND*~), I saw this gem of a hovel – the Museum of Vinyl Art. I wonder if it was open, and/or what is inside. If not a collection of esoteric rarities, then possibly bowls made of melted Mitch Miller records…Your guess is as good as mine. This has nothing to do really with TCAF, but it was too good not to share.

TCAF was a raging success. Lots of talented people in one, crowded, sweaty room. I could *literally* smell their excitement. One guy was so happy to be there that he harangued us all in his native Slavic tongue. Here’s a picture I took of a dude grabbing a book.

Day Two of the fest, supplies already running low.

Like I said, lots of talented people in one spot. Here’s David Collier sitting with Conundrum Press, looking like a motherfucking bad-ass.

It all happened so quickly, the next thing I knew, I was on a plane back to New York. So long, Toronto. You will be missed.

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  1. Jon Chandler says:

    Molly, make Dan buy a better camera for Pbox.

  2. Molly says:

    Yeah I know this is bad. It was just my phone camera, which really stinks. I think I’m going to buy for myself soon. Preferably with at least 12x optical zoom.

  3. Leon Sadler says:

    yeah get one with a cool telescope because we want to know how far you can see!!!

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