Monday Links Round-Up

April 30th, 2012 by Molly Roth

This past week was very exciting in the world of PBox. First of all, the much-anticipated Electrical Banana Events all went down. You’ve already seen Norman Hathaway’s pictures from L.A. Here are a few pictures from London. Dudley Edwards was there. Looks like it was fun.

Speaking of Dudley Edwards, check out this video. It’s called “Pop Art Automobiles” and features his work.

In social media news, I made a Pinterest site for PictureBox. It’s yet another wonderful way to access PBox content. I highly recommend using it to keep up with the PBox comics (i.e. True Chubbo and Spheric Dialogues).

It’s also worth noting that PBox artist, Jon Chandler, also has a Pinterest, and it’s amazing.

Jim Rugg has been posting some really awesome ballpoint pen drawings that are definitely worth checking out.

Brian Belott posted some fun pictures of Joe Bradley in his studio.

Beautiful/Decay Magazine recently featured C.F. in a post.

Will Sweeney has some new t-shirt designs up for sale.

On the PBox site, we’ve got some new, totally awesome shit to buy, like this book (Verbatim From The Verboten Diaries Of Niagara 1974-1976).

AND the Jonas Wood book, Interiors is up and ready for you to order!

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