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April 5th, 2012 by Molly Roth

So many updates and so little time. This may need to be a multi-post deal. Now, where to begin?

Will Sweeney sent us some photographs of his pencil drawings featured in his show in Eindhoven.

Dan (Nadel) and Norman (Hathaway) are still getting buzz for Electrical Banana (which I have spotted on shelves in real, live bookstores (see scuzzy photographic evidence below)!!). Even NYLON Magazine is talking about it. You can buy your copy on Amazon, or if Yen is your preferred currency, then here.

In other news, Frank Santoro is selling some original pages from his contribution to Kramer’s Ergot #8. Frank is such a thoughtful, insightful, and interesting artist. Even if you have no intention of purchasing the drawings, they are worth looking at – it’s kind of like taking a look inside Frank Santoro’s brain. And as much as I’d love to ask Frank for a printout of an MRI, I suppose looking at his sketches and drafts will have to suffice for now.

There’s lots more news, but why not keep you on the hook so you come back for more later? Check back. I intend to do some more intensive blogging in the impending days/weeks. In the mean time, there’s been a lot of action on our Facebook page and Twitter. We’re trying to create a more interactive community, and you’re invited – even encouraged – to get involved. It’s so easy! I love posting Fan Art and what not. Make me happy!

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