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March 12th, 2012 by Molly Roth

Some *pretty* exciting things have been happening on the PictureBox website (and the world beyond).

For instance, the PBox BLoGoSpHeRe is *literally* blowing up. In addition to the weekly updates to the tender and entirely-NSFW True Chubbo, another installation of INFOMANIACS, and #48.3 of PUKE FORCE, GHXYK2 posted the intro video to SPICEWORX. Be sure to check for new posts from Yuichi Yokoyama, as well.

Did you know there’s life outside of the PictureBox website?! I didn’t until recently when Dan e-mailed me a link to this review of Kramer’s 8. I’ll be damned. There’s, like, A LOT of other stuff even aside from this. It’s amazing!

This past week news broke that John Broadley has a twitter account. It’s pretty awesome – he uses it to post his amazing drawings and what-not. If you have a twitter (heck, even if you don’t!)…the man’s worth following.

I feel like I should mention something about Jean “Moebius” Giraud, who died on Saturday…So let us end this post with one of his drawings (borrowed from But Does It Float).

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