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March 8th, 2012 by Molly Roth

Good morning, everybody. Just in case you haven’t been following the PictureBox Twitter or Facebook page religiously, we thought it’d be kind to aggregate a little “Best Of” list of this week so far. So if you intended to check it out but then forgot about it, now’s your chance to get back in the swing of PictureBox things!

First of all, we’re very excited that Tom Spurgeon’s conversation Brian Ralph and C.F. at the Brook Comics and Graphics Festival is now available for your reading pleasure on The Comics Journal.

On Pbox blog, Containerlist, Beth Kleber continues to look at Slant, Urban Outfitter’s mid-90′s promo mag.

Lauren Weinstein posted her entire belief system to her blog this week. She intends to spark discussion amongst readers and develop a comic inspired by the debate.

The AV Club wrote a little blurb on Kramer’s Ergot #8. I found it particularly delightful that they described the book as “unique experience, coming across like something compiled from the remnants of some creepy bachelor pad, circa 1983…”

Berserker Magazine interviewed Hugh Frost – co-editor of the Mould Map Anthologies.

In other exciting PictureBox news, on Tuesday we had a lil give-away contest, and @madinkbeard won himself a free copy of Mythtym compiled by Trinie Dalton. This is a new “thing” and we’re trying to work out the kinks as we go, so please bear with us and keep following, because there will be more contests in the future.

The last link with which I will leave you is from Françoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman’s Blown Covers, where Spiegelman recently posted iamges of amazing Gary Panter murals painted on the walls of her apartment.

Of course there’s more, but you’re an able-fingered individual! Check out the PictureBox Facebook Page and Twitter for more insanity.

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