Kramers 8 & De Profundis U.K. Launch!

February 7th, 2012 by Dan Nadel

At last you Londoners can get a taste of the Kramers Ergot excitement. My heroes Frederic Mullally, Leon Sadler, and from De Profundis, James Jarvis, will be signing to celebrate both books. This is a rare chance to see 3 generations of cartoon maestros in one place. Plus, ask Frederic questions about Wicked Wanda. You know you need to!

What: Kramers Ergot 8 and De Profundis Signing
Who: Leon Sadler, Frederic Mullally and James Jarvis
When: Saturday, February 11, 2 pm
Where: Gosh, 1 Berwick St., London


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  1. ant says:

    Nice one, I’ll be able to ask Mr. Sadler in person why he hasn’t e-mailed me back (@ vollsticks)

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