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January 25th, 2012 by Dan Nadel

Oh my but it’s been a busy time. Kramers is out. I’m finishing a book with Jonas Wood and working on some new ones for the fall. But let’s get right to it. Matthew Thurber, the man who does not sleep, is opening a two-person show on Friday in Brooklyn:

The Laughing Dough
Matthew Thurber and Elwyn Palmerton,
Friday, July 27th, opening is 6-8 pm, performance at 7 pm.
South First Gallery
60 North 6th Street and the opening is from 6 to 8.


Kramers Ergot 8 is of course getting lots of attention. The good people of earth are excited, mystified, angry, happy and in the case of one “Leon Sadler”, flying!

And of course there are links. There are always links. USA Today, Flavorwire, 50 Watts, Comics For Serious, Modern Art Paradise. Why there’s even a rave review in Art in America (below), which is so nice that we’ll forgive the hilarious publisher misattribution.

OK! And last week I went over to see the great Peter Saul, who is opening a show in NYC in late March at Mary Boone. Peter walked me through a few fine stories which, gentleman that I am, I will not repeat here. Drunk and well paid, perhaps I would… who knows! Anyhow, here is my favorite painting from that visit.

And here’s Peter explaining his new one to me — it’s Peter himself with a chainsaw cutting right through… oh you get it. Y’know what? Peter wins! He always wins.

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