In With the New

December 12th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

We have a ton of new books, zines and prints now in stock. Highlights:

Frank Santoro’s Blast Furnace Funnies.

Anya Davidson’s latest Real People.

Matthew Thurber’s Are Snakes Necessary

CF’s excellent signed BCGF gig poster.

Norman Hathaway’s King Terry investigation, Barbershop.

Jim Shaw’s 1981 opus Life and Death.

Sammy Harkham’s deluxe new zine, Terror House.

An underground classic — Pork by S. Clay Wilson.

The always amazing Mould Map, now in its second issue.

A vintage signed Rory Hayes print

The incredible 1971 underground comic Thrilling Murder.

A vintage poster by Spain.

Leon Sadler and Y. Val Gesto’s masterful Hawklog, which I’m proudly publishing.

Noel Freibert’s brilliant new anthology, Weird.

Leif Goldberg’s awe-inspiring calendar.

A perfect short story by James Jarvis, Caleb’s Adventures in Wonderlean.

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  1. Brian Nicholson says:

    Does Mould Map come with the prints mentioned in the product description at the Landfill Editions website?

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    Hey Brian – Yes, it certainly does. It’s a beauty.

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