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October 17th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

Just keepin’ you up to date here.

Stumbling Block, 2011 Acrylic on canvas: 35.5 x 79.5 inches

Lone Life, 2010-2011 Acrylic on canvas: 35.5 x 79.5 inches

Gary Panter opened a show of phenomenal new work a couple weeks back. It’s at Fredericks & Freiser, NYC, and included paintings like the above two, which situate Gary’s emotionally charged figural juxtapositions in a vertigo-inducing landscape. Gary somehow manages to reference both hard-edged minimalism and his own “Western” past, with all the fraught masculine/feminine relationships that entails. Gary. Ruler.

Joe Bradley just did a show of prints like this at Frieze. Joe, like me, has a fondness for underground artists like George Hansen. This fucked up version of Mr. Natural is a pretty glorious distortion of the Crumb language — stretching it into JB’s territory and then pouncing on it.

Keiichi Tanaami just opened a show of new work at Nanzuka Underground. Apparently the sculpture is frightening children. Me, I was drawn to the grid of drawings at the back.

Bob Zoell, Indian, circa 1978 cell-vinyl, 11.5 x 8.5 in.

This killer Bob Zoell painting is on view at an Overspray-derived show in Los Angeles. Bob, as usual, wins best-in-show. And no, me and Norman weren’t consulted. Note to prospective collaborators: When using images we retouched and text we wrote, it’s polite to ask first. End of note.


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