All Weekend Long

September 28th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

We are on the road and in stores this weekend with Matthew Thurber and 1-800-MICE.

Beginning Thursday we’ll be at the NY Art Book Fair (Sept. 29-Oct. 2, Booth A05 on the first floor) at PS1. The NYABF is always a blast and we’ll have new books including 1-800-MICE, De Profundis, and even a sneak peek at Odd Future’s Golf Wang.

Simultaneously, via a breach in the space/time continuum, we will be at the Alternative Press Expo (Oct. 1-2, Booth 313) in San Francisco. Matthew Thurber is a special guest at APE and will be signing and talking all weekend long. Before even that bonanza, he’s signing at Escapist Comics in Berkeley on Friday night, Sept. 30. From there Thurber continues on to LA and then back to NYC for more signings. Click over here for more info. It’s a 1-800-MICE jamboree. The book Matt Groening calls “a mysterious oddball artifact from a much stranger and cooler parallel universe.” is now hurling itself into stores everwhere backed by a mysterious rap video that slaviciously pays tribute to this modern masterpiece. Check it out and don’t forget that we also have a fine limited edition version of MICE, complete with an original drawing. 

See you out there.

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