Kramers Ergot 8

May 19th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

I’m pleased to announce Kramers Ergot 8.

Kramers Ergot is the premier comics anthology of the 21st century. Since its inception in 2000, it has revolutionized the medium, introducing new talents, solidifying aesthetics, and standing as a state-of-the-medium book. It has always been a reflection of editor Sammy Harkham’s current interests in comics past and future. So it is in that spirit, with this new volume, the he severs Kramers Ergot from many of the formal and stylistic elements with which it made its name. Whereas past issues were oversized, colorful, and filled with a variety of artists all designed to overwhelm the reader with raw power, Kramers Ergot #8 is a complete shift both aesthetically and physically. The size of the book is smaller, to encourage a more intimate reading of the material, and the content reflects a focus on substantial works from a small group of no more than a dozen artists. Artists that, instead of being aesthetically varied, reflect a more specific and unified aesthetic space of discipline, sophistication, and quiet power.

Contributors include: Gary Panter, Gabrielle Bell, C.F., Kevin Huizenga, Ben Jones, Jason T. Miles, Sammy Harkham, Leon Sadler, Johnny Ryan, Frank Santoro & Dash Shaw, Anya Davidson, Ron Rege Jr., Ron Embleton & Frederic Mullally.

Cover and design by Robert Beatty

(Not final cover)


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  1. bmy says:

    wh00a great news!! i just got number seven finally, still not finished re-reading i have a deadline

  2. G'NAP!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i am so fucking ready to read this sweet ass book


    JTM gonna bring it, no doubt?!

  4. FOIL STAMP says:

    i just made my own belly-band and bookmark in brutal anticipation, then devoured them both with a steaming cup of coffee

  5. jon c says:

    Is this the final run-down of artists for sure?

  6. Dan Nadel says:

    Thanks everyone! And, no, this is not completely final. A couple more artists may drop in at the last minute. Likewise, the cover may change a bit.

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  9. Mr. Pants says:

    Its depressing how “all-stars” Kramers is getting. Granted, quite a few names were brought to attention in those pages, I just wish he’d stop recycling the same cartoonists over and over again and getting bigger and bigger names. Yeah, its an honor to be in it, but that never seemed to be its point. Where’s the Kramers that introduced me to Elvis Studio? Leon Sadler aside, where’s the new stuff?

    Sigh…I’ll still get it though because I’ll never stop having the hots for Gabrielle Bell.

    As a side note, where the fuck is all this Jason T. Miles worship coming from? The guy’s horrible.

  10. jonty says:

    i am still self-harming due to missing out on number 7! one day i will find it in a dark corner of a bookstore or someone will miss price it on amazon/ebay. but for now i’m just happy number 8 is on its way! shit’s gonna ruuuuuuule.

  11. Endlessmug says:

    Sweet! Love the vintage titling.

  12. Rex Rollman says:

    So how big will it be? Comic sized? Magazine sized?

  13. Dan Nadel says:

    Size is 6″ x 9″. Hardcover. Manageable and intimate, I think. As for the line-up. Anya Davidson and Leon Sadler are fresh faces and, I think, if you watch the video it’s clear the KE is about Sammy’s interests, and this is where they lie right now. The whole book will come together in a pretty surprising way.

  14. sammy harkham says:

    mr pants,
    I hear what you are saying concerning well known vs unknown artists, and I gave it some thought as well until I realized I was being superficial in my thinking-it doesn’t matter if a cartoonist is known or not, what matters is the quality of the work, and I am sure you would agree with me. I dont think in terms of well known or not. having an “all star” in the book is no guarantee of quality. an anthology editor’s job is to give the reader the best work possible, organized in a way that strengthens the whole, and creates a new context in seeing the work.
    another way of saying it is, instead of focusing on showing new artists, which I think is available in numerous other books, my goal is to make a really solid modest book of great content rich comics with a cohesive vibe. its a difference in approach. I want the kind of book that in a perfect world you would buy at an airport bookstore, carry easily in your backpack, and read over a couple days and finish, satisfied and full. sounds incredibly stupid in a way, but I cant think of a single anthology that does that or has ever done it. at least in the way I currently want it.
    anyway, I can go on forever…..but hopefully you see where I am coming from.

  15. Leon Sadler says:

    ah fuck! Sammy that is really great to read!!! now i’m even more scared about my comic!!!

    thats such a good precise intention of your feeling of your book, and im really glad its gonna be more portable. i always like how portable my own books are, i love the idea of reading kramers ergot on a long journey.

  16. bmy says:

    mr. harkham you gotta find brinkman and make him draw some actual comix for this volume!!! reading through paper rodeo the other day…i miss old brinkman :(

  17. tots says:

    ^great idea bmy

  18. chris says:


    last time I was there HUB COMICS in Somerville , MA still had one copy of the big Kramer’s #7 in the shrink wrap at $120.00 on the wall behind the counter.

    call ‘em….

  19. vollsticks says:

    Mr. pants you think Jason T. Miles’ stuff is bad, wait ’til you see Leon Sadler’s comix….

  20. Leon Sadler says:

    @vollstinks email me if you want to send insults. u can’t even troll properly u wanker

  21. sammy says:


  22. Old style TV says:

    “@vollstinks email me if you want to send insults. u can’t even troll properly u wanker”

    hahaha! pissed me self laughing!
    good manning up Leon.

    looking forward to KE8 loads, will have to get a smaller backpack now though which i thought was alittle inconsiderate of you lads ;-)

  23. Leon Sadler says:

    I’m a BIG BOY now Briyan!!

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