Puke Force Hiatus!

April 11th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

After 6 months of unadulterated comics genius from Brian Chippendale, his beloved Puke Force is taking a break. The gang is tired, exhausted, even, by what Brian put them through. But fear not! PF will return in later-Summer/early-Fall to conclude the story, and we hope to release a book of the complete run in 2012. For now, enjoy the run itself — revisit your favorites, think about the good times we all had together, and go see Brian on tour with Lightning Bolt right now!

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  1. G'NAP!!!!!!!!!! says:

    saw LB, barfed into my satchel mid-show from pure frenzy

  2. Henry says:

    very jealous of this splash

  3. tot says:


  4. [...] other day that Brian Chippendale is placing his eye-popping, rib-tickling webcomic Puke Force on hiatus for a few months, I simply had to point everyone in the strip’s [...]

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