Explanation: Fort Thunder

February 8th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

Fort Thunder: A space in Providence, RI founded in 1996 by Brian Chippendale and Mat Brinkman. Is now symbol for musical and visual activity in Providence from 1995 to 2006. Identifiable by image-driven works, op-art, obsessive drawing, noise, environmental phenomena, biomorphic sculpture, role-playing, fantasy, and anonymity. Use of mark-making and homemade type revolutionized poster design and comics. Some affiliated PBox-related artists: Keith McCulloch, Brian Gibson, C.F., Takashi Murata, Leif Goldberg, Erin Rosenthal, Jungil Hong, Francine Spiegel, Ben Jones.

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  1. Endlessmug says:

    Love this PictureBox publication on the Fort and other spaces:

    Also, “Fort Thunder, Forcefield and the New York Art World” by Lawrence Rinder is a fantastic read. :)

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  3. cough syrup says:

    this looks like a fun environment to have been in, i imagine this association of creative types would prove enviable to young artists in development who are looking for intense experiences to inspire their work. if only more romantic situations like this existed in the world, people would be able to enjoy life more and not be stuck at their 9s to 5

  4. Brynocki C says:

    I was stuck in that fucking place 9-5 and then 5:01 to 8:59 for 6 years.

  5. Endlessmug says:

    And you filled your room with leaves!

  6. Endlessmug says:

    This is a loaded romantic notion…

    But it is as if they were trying to re-create a *nature* out of the lifeless and meaningless piles of junk and pop-culture imagery, cereal boxes, etc. By modifying / organizing the form and color they had silently/unconsciously hoped to one day have it spring forth alive! The fantasy becoming a hardened reality. But instead the Fort fell…

    Though most likely this thought is more revealing of my own thoughts than of theirs…

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