Proust Questionnaire: Renée French

January 14th, 2011 by Dan Nadel

Renée French is the author of H Day, recently released by PictureBox.

What you appreciate the most in your friends: A sense of humor and being impossible to offend.

Your favourite occupation: Making pictures, telling stories and collecting medical equipment.

Where would you like to live? NYC, Sydney, Paris, Toronto…If there were a town with a Bruce McCall movie theatre, I’d be there.

Your favorite color and flower: Sepia, and the miniature orchid from Thailand called “Trias Intermedia”

Your favorite prose authors: Marcel Proust, Samuel Beckett, Lewis Carroll, W. Somerset Maugham, and Vladimir Nabokov

Your heroes in real life: Christopher Hitchens, Werner Herzog, David Lynch and Arthur Penn

Your favorite heroes in fiction: Atticus Finch, Larry Darrell, Zatoichi

Your favorite painters and composers: Brett Whiteley, Ivan Albright, William Kentridge, Walton Ford, Georges Seurat,

Your favorite food and drink: Sushi, olives, florentine cookies, diet vanilla coke, cold green bottled tea, pig candy.

Your favorite names: Virgil, Deke, and Clyde

The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with is the understanding of music, and the ability to make three dimensional objects.

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