Solving The Problem Solverz

December 9th, 2010 by Dan Nadel

You might have been asking yourself, what’s Ben Jones been up to? Well, kind people, he is in Burbank, CA right this minute, working long days on his Cartoon Network series, The Problem Solverz. His first season, which was written with Eric (Futurama) Kaplan, is in the middle of production, with an air date sometime in 2011. This is not, as some of you may know, Neon Knome, which was an Adult Swim project that sprung briefly to life. This new show is, if anything, a more pure expression of Ben’s longtime characters, Horace, Roba, and Alfe. It perfectly exemplifies Ben’s genius for character, dialogue, and strikingly beautiful world building. Below is a clip from the first episode — it’s not complete, but gives you a flavor for this new and wonderful series. If you like it, click on over to YouTube and say so. We are also taking any and all “fan art”, which you can send to me for posting at dan (at) pictureboxinc (dot) com. Check out the gallery so far.

Also, some of you have asked how this relates to previous Paper Rad work. Well, Ben has been making stories about those characters for a very very long time, and animating them since the late 1990s. For a chunk of time that work was with Paper Rad. Now Paper Rad is a free floating concept, and this is a Western Jones. So, the last iteration of TPS, found in The Ganzfeld 7, was simply another step in their long gestation. It’s like how Mickey Mouse looked one way in 1930 and then another way in 1950. Alfe and the gang have been around a long time, and will continue to be around for decades to come.

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