NY Art Book Fair NOW

November 4th, 2010 by Dan Nadel

That’s right: NOW! There is a bounty of goods. We are in room 203 on the second floor. Be there.

And now, a day 1 report in photos:

The day began at Fed Ex, picking up King Terry-ness.

Ended up here to pick up the new catalog!

Hairy Who Comic Book in display case!

The view across the counter, starring Denise!

The far corner: Peter Max scarves

Sweeeet selection plus vintage Twen and Nova mags

Some of the Wirsum display: Early 1970s posters.

The King Terry Korner (er, one of them)

King Terry Korner 2!

There is also this. East Totem West!

The giant logo in the sky!

My profuse thanks to Denise, Nick, Molly and Norman for helping out, and to Halsey Rodman and Ohad Meromi for designing such a great room. I gotta say, if you have any interest in the whole PBox thing: From King Terry to Karl Wirsum to hippy shit to Moebius to whatever, you should make it over to PS1 and see the room. I think it’s the best presentation of PBox ever.

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