New York Art Book Fair!

November 2nd, 2010 by Dan Nadel

Come see PBox in corporeal form at The New York Art Book Fair this weekend at PS1 in Long Island City, NY.

This year, I’m lucky enough to have an entire room all to PictureBox and besides a solid selection of PBox stuff, I’m focusing on three mini-exhibitions by Karl Wirsum (ultra rare posters, puppets and Hairy Who comic books); King Terry Johnson (The debut of his new DVD, plus 30 products from tea towels to t-shirts to figurines); East Totem West (circa 1968 unique psychedelic mono-prints).

Plus rarities including:

-A five-volume set of Apollinaire books illustrated by Milton Glaser, Jean Michel Folon and Pablo Picasso.
-Milton Glaser’s Herman Hesse Calendar from 1975.
-New York City Outlaws issues 1-5: A rare and deeply eccentric urban comic book that is vastly stranger than I could ever explain.
-Airbrush paintings by Charlie White III and other original art.
-An exquisite artists’ book by Japanese master Yuichi Yokoyama.
-Silk scarves by ultra-hippy Peter Max.

Of course I’ll also have H Day, If ‘n Oof, some groovy Moebius books, some mini-comics, and on and on!

Sculptors Halsey Rodman and Ohad Mermi have designed a stunning installation to keep all this stuff straight. So come on out and see us.

22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101 (map)

Thursday, November 4, 2010, PREVIEW, 6pm – 9pm
Friday/Saturday, November 5-6, 2010, 11am – 7pm
Sunday, November 7, 2010, 11am – 5pm

The NY Art Book Fair is FREE and open to the public.

Walking into this room is gonna be like walking into the central PBox brain: Undeniable objects; a strong concern for mostly-ignored history, and an interest in sexed up figuration and high design.

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  1. Leon Sadler says:

    will you take famicon express books too?

  2. Jim says:

    Oh man… so wish I could get to this. Any chance you’ll be selling any of the King Terry products over the net so that us non US of A residents can get a hold of some of his goodness?

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    Follow the links, and yes, hopefully…

  4. Jim says:

    Nice… DVD and Beach Paradise have been ordered.

  5. Brynocki C says:

    Dan stop sexting me the naked pictures of you and King Terry at that nude sushi joint, it’s gross.

  6. I’m aware of this already, however there are some helpful bits that finalized the image to me, many thanks!

  7. I seemed to be aware of this previously, but nevertheless there were a few useful bits which finalized the image for me personally, thanks a lot!

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