Hey, What is All This?

June 27th, 2010 by Dan Nadel

Good question! Welcome to the new PictureBox, freshly designed and built by pals Nick Wilkinson and Norman Hathaway, with an assist from Ray Sohn. As in the past, this is the home of PictureBox, which publishes and distributes a wide range of books, prints and ephemera.

But since I’m feeling ambitious, let’s say this new site is going to serve as a gathering place, a ranch-style home if you like, for our distinctive collective vision of the past, present and future of visual culture.

To that end, the major difference in this site is that PictureBox will be hosting individual blogs from artists and writers associated in one way or another with the company. Some blogs will feature historical essays, others will focus on works-in-progress, while still others will host mini-comics and photo sets. But most importantly, this site will now also host you – everything is up for discussion, and you can find prose, images and products with just a click of a “topic.”

On a commercial level (hey, look, I am trying to sell you stuff, too), I want to present a brand new selection of contemporary and vintage items that convey the PictureBox aesthetic at its broadest and deepest – from original airbrush paintings to art monographs to hippy photos to conceptual art to Japanese comics to 1970s movie mags to floppy old comic books.

Think of this as a place you go to see, discuss, and yes, sometimes buy stuff that is inspiring, important, or just deeply funky.

So, enjoy the new digs, jump in on the dialogs and please drop me a line if you have any comments or suggestions.

Dan Nadel

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