January 19th, 2013 by Matthew Thurber

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  1. Bed Gang Operative says:

    Will these characters ever find privacy? I reach into my pocket and doubt what I find every day, but with the amount of surveillance at play in this strip I feel I should doubt my lint even more.

    Perhaps the terror this makes me feel is the goal of the author, but I can’t help but think there’s a kindly soul behind a pen that would render a horse with such equinimity.

    I’ve been supping tea religiously for years, not the fool’s tonic, so who should I question but the reality directly in front of me? My best guess is the dog next door, but he barely speaks. Mice do not live in this region. Ah, well……

  2. Jeff Crop says:

    More comics on this site should take place inside underwater mammals


Musings from cartoonists and artists Matthew Thurber and Rebecca Bird. Matthew is the author of 1-800 MICE and Bird is a painter and musician based in Brooklyn.

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