January 5th, 2013 by Matthew Thurber

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  1. Statutory Slouch says:

    a bench secluded is probably loaded with disease. the complications these men have suffered from could be avoided by choosing a different seat. my qualm on this issue was buffered by my admiration for that thick bugger’s forearms. i’ve some bricks to hoist and could use such help. luckily robotics have come a long way in the first few days of this new year or else i would be shit out of fucking luck. in case my roomba fails to digest it’s upgrade, where can I go for a few good arms, willing to work for saltines and lukewarm juice?

  2. Matthew Thurber says:

    Dear Slouch- Go here. Ask for “The Greek”.


Musings from cartoonists and artists Matthew Thurber and Rebecca Bird. Matthew is the author of 1-800 MICE and Bird is a painter and musician based in Brooklyn.

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