September 7th, 2012 by Matthew Thurber

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  1. Matthew Thurber says:

    The person who identifies the most characters by midnight tonight (Friday Sep. 7) will receive an original drawing in the mail. Respond to: INFOMANIACS Character Sweepstakes,

  2. IMA Pelican says:

    Congratulations to DAVE WEIR of Canada- stay tuned for more exciting prizes giveaways and the INFOMANIACS van live broadcasting outside 7-11!

    Panel 3- Brinkman guy, Thompson (Tintin), Mr. O’Malley (Barnaby)
    Panel 7- Major Grubert (Moebius), Inuyasha, If (Chippendale), Waldo (Deitch), Beetlejuice, Fat Groomfiend, Strormtrooper, Spiderman
    Panel 8- Tik Tok (Baum) Shrimpy (Bell), Popeye, Man Gataro character, Giorgio (Goldberg), Glenn Ganges (Huizenga)


Musings from cartoonists and artists Matthew Thurber and Rebecca Bird. Matthew is the author of 1-800 MICE and Bird is a painter and musician based in Brooklyn.

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