Out Going Message

August 17th, 2012 by Matthew Thurber

Dear Readers,

my deepest apologies to both of you for the lack of INFOMANIACS strips recently. I have been working on other projects in an attempt to bring home the bacon. Also writing scripts and plotting the rest of the series. Now, in a bold, Assange-like move, I will  turn my back on responsibility to go on vacation. The webcomic will continue to be updated weekly in September! Hurrah!


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  1. Chumbert says:

    Eagerly waiting its return! This series was the highlight of my week. What is the Infomaniacs® writing process like? What else are you toiling away on? I am a huge fan of your body of work and am curious to know how the wheels turn in Matthew Thurber’s brain.

    Post Script- Is there anyway I can purchase a copy of Mining the Moon Part II?

  2. IMA Pelican says:

    Dear Chumbert,
    thanks a lot. I’m back in the saddle now.
    I like to type scripts on an Olivetti portable typewriter.
    Then I thumbnail ‘em
    Then I draw ‘em.
    Desert Island might have a copy of Mining the Moon… thought I saw it there a while ago???? Best, IMAP.


Musings from cartoonists and artists Matthew Thurber and Rebecca Bird. Matthew is the author of 1-800 MICE and Bird is a painter and musician based in Brooklyn.

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