Kramers Ergot 8 & De Profundis dual signing at Gosh

July 13th, 2013 by Jon Chandler

Finally got my films developed from the last couple of years. They had the Gosh Comics signing of Kramers Ergot 8 in there.

Frederic Mullalley & Leon Sadler.

Frederic, Leon, James Jarvis, pile of Kramers, Nathaniel Metcalfe.

Frederic reminisces to Leon about the hot filmstar he dated in his youth but Leon doesn’t know who it is.

Me having a sit-down and Leon pretending to look fed-up.

Nat & Stef & Kitty

Leon drawing in every book with a pen I think CF sent him?

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  1. stefy says:

    everyone is dressed like rentboys! except kit

  2. Leon says:

    the first and last pics dont load, i want to see my on the toilet!!!
    thanks for finally sharing these pics mate!! finally!!!

  3. jon c says:

    I think Dan took them out because he doesn’t like you looking too happy, or seeing you on the bog, or both at the same time.
    Sent you the pics already I think, to one of your fbook accounts maybe? You can fix the photos if you want because I can’t be bothered.

  4. Jon Chandler says:

    He wasn’t that bothered by it all to be honest. Was mostly having a go at the sonofabitch that was editing the mag his strip used to appear in.

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