May 3rd, 2012 by Jon Chandler

1.Midnight Ninja author Michael Adebayo just sent me this animation he made based on Battle For The Planets – a Battle Of The Planets doujinshi I made back in 2006.

2. Noel Freibert will be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend with a Weird 2 precursor with art from he and I and Leon.



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  1. Leon says:

    what the heck!

    this video is very very weird!!!

    this must be what it’s like when they make a movie based on our kind of comics jon????

  2. Thanks for calling it weird Leon

    that’s what’s an animator gets when he rushes towards his dead line …

    I wish it looked more like a Ralph Bakshi film but
    it ends up looking like a Michael Adebayo disaster
    film …

    but to top it off Jon likes it so that’s the good part

    • Leon Sadler says:

      Hey Michael glad u caught the comment and I hope that you don’t take it the wrong way but I meant ‘Weird’ as a very big compliment!!!! :o )

      I just been looking at Ralph Bakshi on youtube thats great stuff, but yours is more interesting!!!

  3. jon c says:

    Watch the other videos in the playlist.

  4. jon c says:

    I just saw i linked to playlist so this isn’t the video what i said it was anymore, but it’s in the playlist somewhere.

  5. Jon Chandler says:

    yeah fixed it

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