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February 23rd, 2012 by Leon Sadler

I just did a lecture at Camberwell school of arts in London, I talked about time, publishing, packaging, purity, low expectations, trust, friendship, polygamy, isolation, being cute and lunch-breaks. I stayed for the seminar afterwards, and really I’m just posting this to say that if anyone wants I will come and do a talk anywhere cos I really liked it! My hourly rate is very competitive please get in touch @!


this is the sort fo thing I was doing in the Kramers Ergot 8s in Gosh comics the other week, I signed about 90% of them. This is actually a design for the next Amos toy because I think James Jarvis keeps forgetting to draw the noses!!!

(also watch out for the special secret copy of Kramers Ergot 8 that James drew a picture of King Ken inside!!!)

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