Kramers Ergot 8 Launch in Gosh Comics

February 13th, 2012 by Leon Sadler

I just got back from signing the comics on Saturday…

Jon and Stef brought concept art for the character in our new comic:

It’s based on the character of Sting played by Ben Dover.

It went pretty well in the end but Jon took loads of pics on his film camera so we have to wait to see what they look like! Thanks to Gosh, James and Mr Mullalley it was really nice to hang out!

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  1. jon c says:

    That`s me trying to do a Ben Dover face.
    Maybe I should have done my impression of him stronger for when they were doing the concept art.

    And we forgot to order up longer hair in back for Sting John Dover.

  2. Leon says:

    he seems like a really ncie and friendly guy!!

  3. stefy says:

    did you get the pics developed yet jon

  4. Jon Chandler says:

    I was just wondering where is that reel? I’ll have a look tomorrow. I got the feeling my camera went wrong and the film is going through twice which would be a bummer wouldn’t it.

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