Viskoser Tod [More Powr to ya]

May 27th, 2011 by Molly Roth

Thanks, Blake Sims, for submitting your Powr Mastrs 2 CF fan art. I’m having a fun time looking at it, and I hope you had a fun time making it.

TTYL, and send in your work, you PictureBox fans, you. Fan art’s cool. You’re cool. Come on! molly.roth (at)


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Welcome to the Fan Forum – a world-class fan art showcase. Fan art – artwork that’s based on a character or story published by PBox– is an awesome way to pay homage to your fave books. This is your chance to flaunt your artistic prowess as well as your appreciation of PictureBox artists. Submit your images of PBox-related fan art to molly.roth (at) gmail (dot) com. (Subject: Fan Forum Submission) and your masterpiece may end up on the blog.

PBox World

by Dan Nadel

Minute Break!

Finally updated


PBox World

by Dan Nadel

Powr Mastrs Originals by CF: SALE OVER

For the first time, CF is selling his original pages from Powr Mastrs.


PBox World

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New C.F. Zine and Lithograph

“City Hunter” and “Untitled (Girl)” now available!