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Odd Future

The crew is made up of 10 kids, most of whom met in high school or hanging out on L.A.’s Fairfax Avenue. Tyler The Creator is the oldest, the ringleader and producer. The other main members include Domo Genesis, Left Brain, Mike G., Hodgy Beats, the female DJ Syd tha Kid, and the curiously absent Earl Sweatshirt. The group’s success is based both on their talent and their mastery of multiple media: photography, mixtapes, self-made videos, and collage.

Golf Wang
Golf Wang (signed poster)
Golf Wang Poster

PBox World

by Dan Nadel

Store is Closed

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PBox World

by Dan Nadel

The Pbox Bibliography

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PBox World

by Dan Nadel

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The Living Experience

by Leon Sadler

Gelshots: Advice for animals