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Gary Panter

Gary lives in Brooklyn, though he emerged from Texas and then Los Angeles, where he pioneered punk graphics. Later he did the production design for Pee-wee's Playhouse and published brilliant graphic novels like Jimbo: Adventures in Paradise and Cola Madnes. All through he's been making vibrant paintings and drawings, the paintings being large-scale manifestations of his sense of space, relations, form, and emotional being. In his studio he makes drawings, paintings, sculptures and comics. He is known to be handy with a grill and enjoys lightshows, psychedelic music, and post modern literature. I wrote a much longer biography of Gary here

Cola Madnes
Gary Panter
Gary Panter Deluxe
Gary Panter Hot Burrito Deluxe
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Devin and Gary Go Outside
Super Magnetic Fantasy
Devin and Gary Go Outside Special Edition

PBox World

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PBox World

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PBox World

by Dan Nadel

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